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Tai Spendley, making his cooking debut in Palm Springs, crafts a straight-forward,yet progressive menu drawn from his culinary influences: French technique, Asian heritage, and bi-coastal gallivanting. Dishes are portioned to encourage ordering a variety of items for the whole table to share. Selections may change daily based on availability and the desire to showcase carefully sourced products at their peak. We strive to update our menu online on a daily basis, but what you see our website may be slightly different from what's being offered that day. 


The Rooster, of course, wants to be in charge, and that suits the hard-working, the #2-is-fine-with-me Pig just fine. The practical-minded Rooster has

clear and detailed vision, and the Pig gleefully helps carry out the Rooster's plans. The pair form an excellent partnership and enjoy providing a

friendly atmosphere and delicious, globally-inspired cuisine in this independently owned, small restaurant adjacent to the heart of

downtown Palm Springs.

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